New Feature

New Feature: Change settings for users with pending invitations

Starting today you no longer have to wait for users to accept an invitation to adjust their settings in WeWorked. Once you send an invitation, you can adjust user settings for groups, projects, permissions, and more. This way new employees can be quickly and more easily get setup in WeWorked at one time.

Simply go to Settings and make changes as necessary. This will really come in handy as your company grows and new team members are added.

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Customer Service

Browser Requirements for WeWorked

We now prompt users using older, unsupported browsers that they need to upgrade. WeWorked is designed to be used with the latest technologies found in modern browsers. Modern browsers ensure you have the best experience. The application is faster, more responsive, and more secure. 

You must use one of the following browsers to use WeWorked:

Google Chrome (Recommended)
Internet Explorer 9+
Safari 5+

Try Chrome Frame for those that are required to use older versions of Internet Explorer.

New Feature

Payroll Report: Paychex, ADP, etc.

We just made it really simple to use the hours in WeWorked to process payroll. If you outsource payroll to Paychex, ADP, or any other popular payroll company, you can now create a report that speeds up the entire process. Today we are introducing the “Payroll Hours” report. The “Payroll Hours” report summarizes the total hours worked and leave hours used during a specific period. Most payroll companies will except the results of the report by email and fax.


We also added a new field called “Internal ID” to each users profile. “Internal ID” is used to capture a unique identifier that you may use internally or with your payroll processor to identify people. If you do not have your own employee numbering system, feel free to use the unique ID that WeWorked generates for each user. The WeWorked identifier can be found under each users profile and is labeled “User ID”.


Payroll only wants the total hours worked and the amount of leave used. The “Payroll Hours” report enables you to generate that information with a few mouse clicks. You can then fax or email the report to your payroll specialist for processing.

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WeWorked Feature

Advanced Report Permissions

You now have more control over reports and who can access reports. Now you can grant users and groups access to individual reports. You can also control the data that individual users see when viewing reports. Let’s take a deeper look at these new features.

How did it work?
Previously administrators could control only whether or not groups and users could access reports. If you granted them access then the users and groups would have access to all reports and all data.

What changed?
Now you can control which reports users and groups can access. Every company has access to at least two reports. Some have access to more because we created custom reports for them. None of your permissions have changed. If you granted a user or group access to reports, they still have access to the same reports.


We added another layer of permissions to each user profile that controls the data a user can view when running a report. Under the Permissions section of each user’s profile, an administrator can decide to grant a user full rights to all report data or to limit a user’s rights to only the people whose timesheet the user can approve. Users with limited report access will have a tiny lock icon beside their name in the report permission area. If a user does not approve time, they are only allowed to create reports containing their own data.


Things you can do – the possibilities.

  • Allow users access to run individual reports.
  • Allow users to run reports on their own data.
  • Allow managers to run reports on their team/group.
  • Allow Human Resources people to run reports without being an administrator.

Custom Reports
Need a custom report? Want to see your data displayed a certain way? Request a quote for a custom report today!

WeWorked Feature

Copy Timesheets

WeWorked is all about capturing time and saving you time. Most people do not like to complete a timesheet, so we are adding improvements that make timesheets easier to use. Today we are introducing the Copy Timesheet feature that allows you to, with the click of a button, copy tasks or tasks and hours from a timesheet to the upcoming week. This is great for teams that work on a lot of projects and tasks. Now you do not have to add all of those tasks each week. We are really excited about this enhancement and hope you enjoy it.

Copying a timesheet is simple. The only requirement is that you have not entered time for the upcoming week. View a timesheet and click Copy.


Select what you wish to copy the click Copy Timesheet. That’s it!


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WeWorked Feature

Invoice Payments with PayPal

WeWorked is proud to announce that we are now a PayPal Partner. As a result, we are rolling out a major enhancement to invoices. Starting today, you can seamlessly get paid for an invoice using PayPal. All you have to do is connect your PayPal account to WeWorked by entering your PayPal email address. No password or other information is required.

Go to Settings then click Invoices. Click Edit add your PayPal email then click Save.


You can then elect to accept a PayPal payment for an invoice by checking PayPal for Web Payments.


Once you share the invoice, your customers will have the convenience of paying the invoice instantly from the web. They do not even need a PayPal account. The invoice will automatically be updated in WeWorked to “Paid” once the payment is processed.


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New Feature WeWorked Feature

Reintroducing Email Reminders

For the first time we are actually bringing back a feature. We had email reminders – automatic emails that remind users to enter time – when we first launched. However, we did a rush job and it was truly only half complete. For example, all reminders were sent at 3 p.m. eastern time. We turned email reminders off temporarily while we improved it.

Now email reminders can be set by your account administrator. Administrators can select the day and the hour the emails will go out. And of course the time will take into account your timezone setting and whether or not you entered time that day. Users will not receive the reminder if they entered time that day. Users will also have the ability to opt out of receiving the email. The last thing we want is to spam our users.

Email reminders are off by default, so an administrator will have to enable the feature. To make notification changes, click Settings then click Notifications.

report invoice filters

Don’t forget to enter your time.

New Feature WeWorked Feature

Copying Projects

It just got easier to create projects. Starting today you can create a project from an existing project with the new copy project feature. The copy project feature allows you to copy project data to either a new project or an existing. Copying to a new project will copy the name (prefixed with “Copy:”) along with basic project information. You have the option of copying over the people assigned as well as the tasks. It is entirely up to you.  Only copy what you need. When copying to an existing project, you have the option of copying the people, tasks, or both.

Administrators will find the Copy link above a project’s overview section. Click Settings then Projects. Then click the name of the project you wish to copy. The copy button will be at the top.

copy project feature

  • Only administrators can copy projects.
  • Copies can be made to a new project or an existing project.
  • Administrators can decide what they specifically want to copy (ex. people and tasks).

If you create a lot of projects, expect this to save you a great deal of time. Happy copying and be sure to show us you like this enhancement by clicking one of the social sharing buttons below.

WeWorked Mobile

Mobile Time Tracking

mobile time tracking

We are really excited to announce WeWorked Mobile. WeWorked Mobile is our first mobile timesheet application and is designed from the ground up to make time tracking easy from any touchscreen mobile device.

WeWorked Mobile is an HTML5 application, which means that it works on the majority of touchscreen smartphones, such as an iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile. After serious debate as to the best approach to a mobile application, we decided that we would offer a solution that works for the majority of our customers, rather than a small group.

Visit from your mobile device’s web browser, such as Safari or Google Chrome. Tip: Save the bookmark and the WeWorked icon will be placed on your phone’s desktop.

WeWorked Mobile is super quick on either a cellular or wifi connection. We decided not to bloat the application with a bunch of unused features, so you can do just what you need for now. We will be adding more features as we learn more about how you are using it and how you would like to use it.

Below are the current features:

  • View your timesheet
  • Edit your timesheet
  • Add a task to your timesheet
  • Remove a task from your timesheet
  • Submit your timesheet

Visit from your smartphone to give it a try now.

WeWorked Feature

New Timesheet and Invoice Filters

Tracking time is great, but equally as important is the ability to retrieve timesheet data in an easy and meaningful way. Starting today, you can generate reports using three new filters – Time Status, Task Status, and Show Zeros.

report invoice filters

  1. Time Status allows you to return approved, not approved, or all time.
  2. Task Status allows you to return billable, non-billable, or all time.
  3. Show Zeros allows you to return rows that include or exclude rows that have zero hours.

All of three filters can be used to generate reports as well as invoices. I am sure you can figure out some creative ways to leverage these new filters in your organization.

Generate some new reports today.