New Feature

Payroll Report: Paychex, ADP, etc.

We just made it really simple to use the hours in WeWorked to process payroll. If you outsource payroll to Paychex, ADP, or any other popular payroll company, you can now create a report that speeds up the entire process. Today we are introducing the “Payroll Hours” report. The “Payroll Hours” report summarizes the total hours worked and leave hours used during a specific period. Most payroll companies will except the results of the report by email and fax.


We also added a new field called “Internal ID” to each users profile. “Internal ID” is used to capture a unique identifier that you may use internally or with your payroll processor to identify people. If you do not have your own employee numbering system, feel free to use the unique ID that WeWorked generates for each user. The WeWorked identifier can be found under each users profile and is labeled “User ID”.


Payroll only wants the total hours worked and the amount of leave used. The “Payroll Hours” report enables you to generate that information with a few mouse clicks. You can then fax or email the report to your payroll specialist for processing.

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