Load daily comments into invoices

You can now check to automatically load daily comments into your invoices. ┬áNo more copying and pasting for those that require more detail about how their time was spent. ┬áDaily comments is applicable to the Detailed Line Items invoice. So when you select the Detailed Line Items invoice type, you will see the option to… Continue reading Load daily comments into invoices

Custom Invoices

We always get requests to customize invoices, so we decided to give you more control over how your invoices look. Allow me to introduce you to Invoice Sets. Invoice Sets allow you to customize invoices beyond the default display settings. You can change label names, hide certain fields, repeat footer information, and even change an… Continue reading Custom Invoices

NEW: View Past Receipts

Starting today you can view all your past WeWorked receipts. You will continue to receive the standard receipt by email when a payment is received, but should you ever need additional information or something more formal, the new PDF receipt should satisfy your need. You can even add additional information to your receipts, such as… Continue reading NEW: View Past Receipts

New in WeWorked: VAT, Other Tax Types, and Attn field

Today we released a bunch of features that favor our international customers. VAT and Tax Types Many non-US customers have different types of taxes and other information that must be displayed on invoices. VAT is the most popular tax type we hear about from non-US customers. As a result, we are proud to introduce features… Continue reading New in WeWorked: VAT, Other Tax Types, and Attn field

New Timesheet and Invoice Filters

Tracking time is great, but equally as important is the ability to retrieve timesheet data in an easy and meaningful way. Starting today, you can generate reports using three new filters – Time Status, Task Status, and Show Zeros. Time Status allows you to return approved, not approved, or all time. Task Status allows you… Continue reading New Timesheet and Invoice Filters