Invoices New Feature

Load daily comments into invoices

You can now check to automatically load daily comments into your invoices.  No more copying and pasting for those that require more detail about how their time was spent.  Daily comments is applicable to the Detailed Line Items invoice. So when you select the Detailed Line Items invoice type, you will see the option to include daily comments.  Just check the box and your comments will be added to the description.


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Copy Timesheet-Based Invoices to QuickBooks

It is with a big smile that I am announcing that WeWorked is now integrated with the very popular QuickBooks Online.  We received hundreds of requests to integrate our timesheet system with QuickBooks.  Like always, we heard you and took action.  Most people didn’t specify what type of integration they were looking for, so we did some research and determined that the immediate need for the majority was to allow invoices created in WeWorked to be copied to QuickBooks.  The QuickBooks API has some limitations, so for now the integration is only for US QuickBooks accounts.

How to connect to QuickBooks

Administrators will click on Settings then Integrations.  Click the Connect with QuickBooks button then enter your QuickBooks login information.


WeWorked never sees or stores your password or username.  Click Authorize to connect WeWorked and QuickBooks.

How to copy an invoice to QuickBooks

Once your WeWorked account is successfully linked to QuickBooks, go to the invoices area.  Click to view and invoice.  Click the Copy to QuickBooks button.  That is it.  Your invoice is now copied.


Note: You must have a Tax Code called TAX for the tax information to copy over with your invoice.  If your invoice included a discount, you will need to determine if you want the discount applied before tax or after tax within QuickBooks. WeWorked’s invoice numbers are copied into the notes/memo field.  

New and Improved Invoice Area

We also revamped the invoice area.  Results are now grouped by month, so you can easily see what is going on.  You can also quickly search for an invoice by simply typing in the invoice number.

Let us know what other type of integrations you would like to see. We love feedback of all kinds.

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New Feature

Custom Invoices

We always get requests to customize invoices, so we decided to give you more control over how your invoices look. Allow me to introduce you to Invoice Sets. Invoice Sets allow you to customize invoices beyond the default display settings. You can change label names, hide certain fields, repeat footer information, and even change an invoices layout (requires a custom invoice). Each invoice is assigned a single Invoice Set. The Invoice Set assigned controls the way the invoice is displayed. For example, you can create an Invoice Set that renames Quantity to Qty and hides the Discount field. You may want another invoice that always displays your banking details in the footer. Invoice Sets are really flexible.

Creating an Invoice Set
Click Settings then Invoices. Under the Invoice Sets section click Add Invoice Set. Give the Invoice Set a name to help you distinguish it from others and adjust the settings to suit your needs. Once added you can edit an invoice to use the new Invoice Set.


We also will be creating custom invoices for customers with unique requirements or that just want their invoices to look a specific way. Get a quote for a custom invoice by sending an email to with a sample of the invoice you us to reproduce. You will be able to select your custom invoice template from your Invoice Set.

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New Feature

NEW: View Past Receipts

Starting today you can view all your past WeWorked receipts. You will continue to receive the standard receipt by email when a payment is received, but should you ever need additional information or something more formal, the new PDF receipt should satisfy your need. You can even add additional information to your receipts, such as your VAT Number and address. We hope this makes things easier for you.

You can access the new receipts by clicking Account in the Dashboard area. Your receipts are located under the new section Payment History.

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Invoices New Feature

New in WeWorked: VAT, Other Tax Types, and Attn field

Today we released a bunch of features that favor our international customers.

VAT and Tax Types
Many non-US customers have different types of taxes and other information that must be displayed on invoices. VAT is the most popular tax type we hear about from non-US customers. As a result, we are proud to introduce features that make creating invoices with VAT easier.

Now you can enter your company’s VAT number and also add VAT information for your clients. The information entered will be automatically copied to the notes section of your invoices when you create a new one. There is no longer a need to type in this information. For clients, go to Settings then Clients to add VAT information. For company VAT, go to Settings then Invoices to add company VAT information.

You can also select a different type of tax to include on invoices. Instead of the standard “Tax” description, you can change it to read VAT or GST on invoices. Contact us if you want more added.


New Invoice Field “Attn”
We added an Attn field to invoices. This will allow you to more easily direct your invoices to an individual or department.


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Invoices New Feature

New Feature: Blank Invoices

We realized that you may want to take advantage of the invoicing features in WeWorked for more than timesheet data. You may want to draft an invoice for something totally independent of time. Well now you can. Before today you had to pull timesheet data to generate an invoice. You can now create blank invoices. In the invoice section, click New Invoice. You will then have the option to create either a blank invoice or an invoice from timesheet data.


WeWorked Feature

New Timesheet and Invoice Filters

Tracking time is great, but equally as important is the ability to retrieve timesheet data in an easy and meaningful way. Starting today, you can generate reports using three new filters – Time Status, Task Status, and Show Zeros.

report invoice filters

  1. Time Status allows you to return approved, not approved, or all time.
  2. Task Status allows you to return billable, non-billable, or all time.
  3. Show Zeros allows you to return rows that include or exclude rows that have zero hours.

All of three filters can be used to generate reports as well as invoices. I am sure you can figure out some creative ways to leverage these new filters in your organization.

Generate some new reports today.