New Feature

Custom Invoices

We always get requests to customize invoices, so we decided to give you more control over how your invoices look. Allow me to introduce you to Invoice Sets. Invoice Sets allow you to customize invoices beyond the default display settings. You can change label names, hide certain fields, repeat footer information, and even change an invoices layout (requires a custom invoice). Each invoice is assigned a single Invoice Set. The Invoice Set assigned controls the way the invoice is displayed. For example, you can create an Invoice Set that renames Quantity to Qty and hides the Discount field. You may want another invoice that always displays your banking details in the footer. Invoice Sets are really flexible.

Creating an Invoice Set
Click Settings then Invoices. Under the Invoice Sets section click Add Invoice Set. Give the Invoice Set a name to help you distinguish it from others and adjust the settings to suit your needs. Once added you can edit an invoice to use the new Invoice Set.


We also will be creating custom invoices for customers with unique requirements or that just want their invoices to look a specific way. Get a quote for a custom invoice by sending an email to with a sample of the invoice you us to reproduce. You will be able to select your custom invoice template from your Invoice Set.

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