New Feature: Leave History

As an added bonus to the new leave policies, leave history is now viewable. Now your team can see exactly how much leave they accrued, used, and on what date. Simply click the leave balance number to see the leave history for that type.


New Feature: Advanced Leave Policies

How it worked before
Leave accruals had to apply to all users and was based only on the hire date of a user. Accruals also had to occur weekly and were triggered by each weeks approval.

How it works now
Starting today leave policies are totally flexible. You can define a leave policy to accrue daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can also apply a policy to a single person, multiple people, or all people. There is also a feature to limit the total amount a user may accrue. And for companies with carry-over limits, we introduced a feature for you to set the maximum number of hours that a person carry over into the new year. Accruals occur at midnight based on the timezone you set in your company profile.

All your previous leave policies are intact and unchanged. We migrated the assignments and defaulted the Max Accrual and Max Carry Over to 3000 hours.  Visit the leave section to make any adjustments.


This update will make leave management easier to understand and more flexible for your organization. We hope you enjoy!

New Feature: Blank Invoices

We realized that you may want to take advantage of the invoicing features in WeWorked for more than timesheet data. You may want to draft an invoice for something totally independent of time. Well now you can. Before today you had to pull timesheet data to generate an invoice. You can now create blank invoices. In the invoice section, click New Invoice. You will then have the option to create either a blank invoice or an invoice from timesheet data.


New Feature: Custom print options for timesheets

For our customers that need to print timesheets regularly for the purpose of sharing with a client, we now give you the option of what to show them. Your clients may not need or want to see any leave information on your timesheets. And you may not want them to see your teams’ comments. Starting today, you can decide to hide comments, leave tasks, or both from a timesheet printout. It is really easy to do.

While viewing a timesheet, click Print then check which items you wish to hide from the printer-friendly version of the timesheet.


New Feature: WeWorked Account Center

Today we made it easier for you to administer your WeWorked account. No more having to log into PayPal to see what plan you signed up for. We added a central area we call the Account Center that is only accessible to administrators. In the Account Center you will find information about your plan, including the name, price, next billing date, and number of users.

Administrators will notice two new links in the upper right corner of the screen:

  • Account – takes you to the Account Center
  • Upgrades – takes you to an overview of our plan upgrades. And, yes, we now offer plans up to 500 users.


Changing your plan
New customers will no longer be able to upgrade using a PayPal account. Existing subscriptions are not impacted and do not require a change. Everything will just keep on working as before. However, future changes to accounts will be processed securely within WeWorked. No need to maintain a PayPal account. Upgrading and downgrading is all done with a few clicks. You can even change your monthly subscription to an annual subscription with a few clicks.

There is also no need to email us should you wish to cancel your account. Administrators can cancel an account from within the Account Center. Canceling is just as easy as upgrading.

ATTN: Official WeWorked App for iPhone

We are happy to announce the release of the Official WeWorked iPhone app.  It is now available for download from Apple’s App Store.  The WeWorked app is optimized for iOS 7 and offers the following features:

  • View timesheets
  • Enter time on a timesheet
  • Edit a timesheet
  • Submit a timesheet for review – weekly or biweekly
  • Review timesheets
  • Approve timesheets – weekly or biweekly
  • Deny timesheets – weekly or biweekly
  • Quickly jump to a specific date to enter
  • Quickly search for a user
  • Add a comment
  • View active, pending, and disabled users

A lot of hard work went into making this a reality, so we hope you enjoy. The app was designed to be as easy-to-use as the desktop version. Download it now and be sure to Google+ and “Like” this post.

New Feature: Change settings for users with pending invitations

Starting today you no longer have to wait for users to accept an invitation to adjust their settings in WeWorked. Once you send an invitation, you can adjust user settings for groups, projects, permissions, and more. This way new employees can be quickly and more easily get setup in WeWorked at one time.

Simply go to Settings and make changes as necessary. This will really come in handy as your company grows and new team members are added.

WeWorked is all about saving you time.   Enjoy!  Be sure to “Like” this post below.

Browser Requirements for WeWorked

We now prompt users using older, unsupported browsers that they need to upgrade. WeWorked is designed to be used with the latest technologies found in modern browsers. Modern browsers ensure you have the best experience. The application is faster, more responsive, and more secure. 

You must use one of the following browsers to use WeWorked:

Google Chrome (Recommended)
Internet Explorer 9+
Safari 5+

Try Chrome Frame for those that are required to use older versions of Internet Explorer.

Payroll Report: Paychex, ADP, etc.

We just made it really simple to use the hours in WeWorked to process payroll. If you outsource payroll to Paychex, ADP, or any other popular payroll company, you can now create a report that speeds up the entire process. Today we are introducing the “Payroll Hours” report. The “Payroll Hours” report summarizes the total hours worked and leave hours used during a specific period. Most payroll companies will except the results of the report by email and fax.


We also added a new field called “Internal ID” to each users profile. “Internal ID” is used to capture a unique identifier that you may use internally or with your payroll processor to identify people. If you do not have your own employee numbering system, feel free to use the unique ID that WeWorked generates for each user. The WeWorked identifier can be found under each users profile and is labeled “User ID”.


Payroll only wants the total hours worked and the amount of leave used. The “Payroll Hours” report enables you to generate that information with a few mouse clicks. You can then fax or email the report to your payroll specialist for processing.

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