New Feature: Adjust Leave Balances

Before today, setting default leave balances and making adjustments to leave balances was a somewhat difficult process. You had to complete and email us a template of the changes so we could make the update on the backend. It was a painful process for us, and I am sure the same for some of you.

Well this is no longer true. We have simplified setting default leave balances and adjusting leave balances. You now have complete control. You no longer need to complete a template or send us information. Just like leave accruals, manual changes to leave are capture in the leave history record. When you view the leave history you will see when the change was made and who made it.

Simply go to Settings then Leave then click on Adjust Leave Balances under the Leave Balances section. You will then see a list of all the people that have Track Leave enabled in their profile. Click Edit to start making changes to a person’s leave balance.




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New Feature: Leave History

As an added bonus to the new leave policies, leave history is now viewable. Now your team can see exactly how much leave they accrued, used, and on what date. Simply click the leave balance number to see the leave history for that type.


New Feature: Advanced Leave Policies

How it worked before
Leave accruals had to apply to all users and was based only on the hire date of a user. Accruals also had to occur weekly and were triggered by each weeks approval.

How it works now
Starting today leave policies are totally flexible. You can define a leave policy to accrue daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. You can also apply a policy to a single person, multiple people, or all people. There is also a feature to limit the total amount a user may accrue. And for companies with carry-over limits, we introduced a feature for you to set the maximum number of hours that a person carry over into the new year. Accruals occur at midnight based on the timezone you set in your company profile.

All your previous leave policies are intact and unchanged. We migrated the assignments and defaulted the Max Accrual and Max Carry Over to 3000 hours.  Visit the leave section to make any adjustments.


This update will make leave management easier to understand and more flexible for your organization. We hope you enjoy!