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Reintroducing Email Reminders

For the first time we are actually bringing back a feature. We had email reminders – automatic emails that remind users to enter time – when we first launched. However, we did a rush job and it was truly only half complete. For example, all reminders were sent at 3 p.m. eastern time. We turned email reminders off temporarily while we improved it.

Now email reminders can be set by your account administrator. Administrators can select the day and the hour the emails will go out. And of course the time will take into account your timezone setting and whether or not you entered time that day. Users will not receive the reminder if they entered time that day. Users will also have the ability to opt out of receiving the email. The last thing we want is to spam our users.

Email reminders are off by default, so an administrator will have to enable the feature. To make notification changes, click Settings then click Notifications.

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Don’t forget to enter your time.

New Feature WeWorked Feature

Copying Projects

It just got easier to create projects. Starting today you can create a project from an existing project with the new copy project feature. The copy project feature allows you to copy project data to either a new project or an existing. Copying to a new project will copy the name (prefixed with “Copy:”) along with basic project information. You have the option of copying over the people assigned as well as the tasks. It is entirely up to you.  Only copy what you need. When copying to an existing project, you have the option of copying the people, tasks, or both.

Administrators will find the Copy link above a project’s overview section. Click Settings then Projects. Then click the name of the project you wish to copy. The copy button will be at the top.

copy project feature

  • Only administrators can copy projects.
  • Copies can be made to a new project or an existing project.
  • Administrators can decide what they specifically want to copy (ex. people and tasks).

If you create a lot of projects, expect this to save you a great deal of time. Happy copying and be sure to show us you like this enhancement by clicking one of the social sharing buttons below.

New Feature

New Feature: Go straight to your timesheet

When we first designed WeWorked, the Profile page functioned as a central hub for moving around the application. Over time we got away from that idea and made things easier to navigate by adding the Dashboard across every screen. Now it is time to improve the application flow.

Starting today, when you log into WeWorked, we will take you directly to your timesheet. Previously we took you to your Profile. But after hearing from customers, we realized that it is more valuable to take you directly to your timesheet. We expect this to save you a click or two each day.


New Feature

New Feature: “List View” for Projects

We just made it easier for you to find your projects. Here is how:

Administrators can now view projects in the default “Card View” or the new “List View”. Searching for a project using the “Card View” is simple when you have a small group of projects, but as your project list grows, you may find it easier to find projects using the “List View”. The “Card View” will remain the default. However, you can quickly switch back and forth between views.

We will continue to make improvements and appreciate you using WeWorked for your time tracking needs. Hopefully this update will save you a little time.

New Feature

Introducing Report Permissions and The Detailed Timesheet Report

Administrators can now control who is allowed to run reports. In the past only Administrators could run reports. Now Administrators can grant report access to groups and individuals. Go into Settings then click Permissions. You will notice the option “Who can access reports?” From there you select the groups and people you want to run reports.

We also added our first new report. We are calling it the Detailed Timesheet Report. This report goes a few layers deeper than the standard report. The Detailed Timesheet Report shows a row for each timesheet entry along with the task and date information. Just like the standard report, you can export to PDF and CSV. You could use this report to assist with payroll or to just simply see more detail for a specific period.

These updates are based on feedback from users, so please continue to give us your recommendations. Let us know if you like these updates.